Life/Work Balance – Keeping Your Sanity

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Keeping Your Sanity in an Insane World! Life/Work Balance  Today's world keeps us running from before daybreak to well after sundown. If we expect to positively influence the crowd of witnesses to our lives, we need to find a balance that allows us to be healthy, wealthy and wise...and find time to play! This 17 [...]

Website Must Haves

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Website Must Haves  Websites are a dime a dozen, some good, some not so good. The Website Must Haves class will walk you through the common mistakes made by rookies. Building a small business is tough, but helping your clients find you doesn't have to be! This class covers the basics of building a site that [...]

Naming Your Business

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Branding Your Business  Your creative juices are flowing and you've found your business idea, now what do you name it? Naming a business can be the road to success or the kiss of death. The name will be on your business cards, advertising, posters, your networking pitch, banners, bumper stickers, your website, your checks, your [...]

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Build Your Own Opportunities!

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Jan. 5th, 2016 7pm PST (90 minute discussion on Designing YOUR way to Success!) Sign up for the newsletter for more details and tips for moving 2016 forward for you!