Film Making Tips for Teens

Film Making Tips for Teens

Film-making is on the rise and with the age of technology creating short films is as close as your smart phone and home computer. Here are a few ideas to get you moving into the digital art world!

  1. Hang out with like-minded teens, create and make short films
  2. Be authentic. Create things that represent who you are and what you want to do in the film industry. If you love Hallmark then don’t create horror films, but if you’re passionate about westerns study everything you can get on them.
  3. Take classes to learn how to use industry standard script writing software.
  4. Learn how to write a script.
  5. Be a sponge. Be passionate about learning your craft. Watch YouTube videos, movies, and podcasts on your topic. Never stop writing and creating. Doing builds perfection.
  6. Develop perseverance. This industry is tough—doable—but tough!
  7. Post projects on YouTube, invite feedback.
  8. Get involved in writing organizations to hone your craft and attend film writing conferences.

Sites for Teens:

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